I have written THE SEEDKEEPER’S SECRET, a middle-grade urban fantasy novel that is a mashup of TUCK EVERLASTING and THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MONSANTO. PSST: I’ve also just heard it won an award in a contest!

I have also written THE STORY OF LUCY NEEDLES, SLOW DOWN, JACOB, and KNOW-IT-ALL FLETCHER AND THE PIRATE MAP, picture books for 4-8 year olds.

I’ve also had three short stories published:

“Eve and the Garden” in Fathom, the Dalhousie Undergraduate Literary Journal. An archived copy can be found here. Select the Vol 9, Spring 1991 issue.

“Siren” in the All Rights Reserved Literary Journal, 2007 issue “Testify”. Unfortunately they don’t make back issues available, but more information on the publication can be found here.

“Gabriel’s Lost Tooth” in the 16th issue of Crow Toes Quarterly (“Lost”, Dec 2010). Crow Toes is a PDF-based subscription only magazine. Their website is here.


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