A next project…

If you’re anything like me, you keep a folder on your computer filled with half-started, half-baked ideas for stories. While I was working away on SEEDKEEPER, I accumulated a few of them.

Right now the tally sits thusly:

PBs: 2, YA: 2, MG: 1

I could write any of them next. One day I’m psyched about one of them, the next day I’m psyched about another. They’re like having a greenhouse full of seedlings.

Trouble is, I’ve stumbled upon a concept that I like. Really like. But it’s just a concept – a starting place. It doesn’t have any life yet, so there’s nothing to write. I spent a few days trying to force it to come together – but not only did it feel wrong, it was also unsuccessful. Sigh.

So I guess the concept will have to be backburnered in favour of a seedling. Until it grows some roots.

Where’s the bone meal when I need it?


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