Steep time

So yes, apologies all around for the long hiatus.

I’ve been starting a business, and wow – that leaves really no time at all for anything else. But I’ve come to realize, as I guess all entrepreneurs do/should, that if I don’t make time for the things that really matter to me, then I will never have the time to do them.

And so I have returned, goddammit!

And things are progressing nicely in THE GREAT SEEDKEEPER REWRITE project.

Yes. A rewrite. I’m prepared to admit it. The past – what – two years since completing the “final” draft have taught me so much about writing, and my agent’s gentle but profound questions about that original draft taught me a lot about my plot.

And now, 140 pages into the rewrite (70 pages to go – I can really see the light shining tantalizingly at the end of the tunnel), I’m having moments – amazing flashes of insight about my plot and my characters – that just make me dance in my seat.

Here’s what I’m doing: I identify problems and then pose them to myself as a question. And then I sit back and wait. I don’t force it. It turns out my best insight time is while I’m driving somewhere. I noodle over the question while I’m doing something else that requires most of my attention. That lets me quietly and simply mull it over using some strange form of background thinking. And then it just seems to work itself out.

But where does all that problem solving power come from?

Steep time.

Time away from the manuscript. Time doing other things.

So I guess starting a business wasn’t such a bad thing for my writing career after all.




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