Ahhh, the technical details.

For weeks I’ve had a bumper problem.

Not a regular bumper problem, but a moulded-fibreglass-bumper-and-undercarriage-thingamagig-on-the-back-end-of-a-Mercedes bumper problem. I needed to know if there was a way to put something into said bumper’s cavity, leave it there for a while, and then fish it back out again without turning on the car alarm.


So I wrestled with it for a bit. Then I searched the Interwebs for technical drawings. Then I told myself that it would be all right, and that I could make it believable even if it wasn’t. I thought about it in the shower, and on the way to work. I thought about it while I was brushing my teeth, and in between conference calls.

And suddenly today, after banging my head against the proverbial bumper for weeks – I decided that I didn’t need it after all. I could MacGyver up another solution that would be believable without knowing all the intimate details of the underbelly of a luxury vehicle. I could create no-specifics but still detailed alternative that would still put my main character underneath that Mercedes, and give him a way to hide his precious object.

Now I’ve got to go back and reverse-engineer a Ziploc bag and a long sock into the narrative – and that’s not so hard.



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