Thank you, Google Earth

In today’s acknowledgements section, you’ll find Google Earth at the top of the list.

Let me bring you up to speed: my WIP is not based where I live. It’s plot unfolds in places overseas, some of which I’ve been to, some of which I haven’t.  (For example – although I’ve been to Italy, I haven’t been to Rome, where one of my scenes unfolds. And sure, I’ve been to Salisbury, England, but I have no idea where the train station is.)

So what do I do? I visit Google Earth, and I take a little street-view walk down memory lane, and I look at the photos kind souls have posted there. Frankly, it’s awesome.

It gives me what I need to set my scenes down into reality, providing specific details that grow roots and make the story come alive.

So anyhow, thanks.


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Google Earth

  1. I agree, it’s been very helpful in my writing as well. I only wish it had a feature that could “go back”in time, since some of my stories are set 30 years ago.

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