My kingdom for a beta reader

This post is dedicated to Claire, who poked me today and reminded me that it had been a terribly long time since I’d posted. Thank you Claire!!!

My excuse is that I have been editing for a resubmit to an agent in New York (swoon.) But it’s taking me far too long, because I’ve also just struck out on my own as a freelance marketing consultant and I’m happy to report that I’m very busy!

Anyhow, whenever I can pull my head up from work, I am deluged with guilt about the editing. But nevertheless I promise to recommit after this week’s TV/video/web content development extravaganza I’ve got going on at work. PHEW!

(I keep telling myself: don’t feel guilty, you will be a self-promotion rockstar when this book thing gets off the ground (snort!))

Anyhow, to today’s topic: beta readers.

I have none.

It’s like flying without a parachute, and I don’t like it.

However, it’s very hard to trust strangers with my precioussss.

And, as you probably know, it’s also very hard to get real, useful feedback from people who aren’t well-versed in the building blocks of story. Unless you can find a keener, that is.


TELL ME – PUH-LEEEZE: how to you do it?


5 thoughts on “My kingdom for a beta reader

  1. Hi Katie,

    I’ll do it for you if you like. I recently had someone do a really useful read for me so I’m happy to pay it forward.

    Let me know if this would help.


  2. Hey Katie,

    I only just saw this post but if you are still looking for beta readers, I’m more than happy to help. Seriously! Between my writing and the CRAZY amounts of reading I’ve been doing, I’m pretty well versed in this…

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