Embracing tension

I’ve been reading a lot about the power of tension these days. About how it glues one to the page – makes one read each.and.every.word.

And I’m thinking: I want that.

So here I am revising THE SEEDKEEPER’S SECRET, and as I approach each scene, I’m asking myself:

1. what is the goal?
2. what is the disaster?
3. how can I make it more uncomfortable for my protagonist?
4. and how can I use what makes him uncomfortable as an opportunity to reveal more about his character?

Once I’ve done the revision, I’m going back through the scene with my highlighter, and I’m marking each and every word or phrase that amps up the tension – so I can see it, peppering the page. Also so I can look for gaps filled with non-committal words – and give them an edge.

I’m here to tell you that it’s going great.

Suddenly things aren’t on the page just because they’re helping me get from set piece to set piece. Instead each scene is becoming an important link in the chain. My scenes are getting stronger, more interesting and more meaningful.


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