So I’m diving into some revisions – for a picture book and for a middle grade novel. I am totally thrilled to be doing it  – particularly for the middle grade novel – because it has literally been a year since I’ve been neck deep in it, and I’ve got a set of super-fresh eyes.

In that year I’ve read me some Donald Maas, and I’ve written me a whole bunch of new stuff. I feel like I’ve gotten stronger and smarter about how I write, and I am so psyched about adding that into my much-loved first manuscript.

I have a small set of questions and comments, and my own niggling list of to-dos to accommodate – but it will be great to get in there and see what transpires naturally. I’m hopeful that this revision will prove as creative as the original writing process.

Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Revisions….

    • Hi Jen – thank you so much! For me, the big deal about revisions is knowing how many rounds to do! So far I am just listening to the little voice in my head that says: “Katie, you’ve taken this as far as you can possibly take this……for now.” haha.

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