Failing, but feelin’ good.

So…yeah. I went for it. I’m nano-ing. I never thought I would do it, but here I am with a story that needs writing and a kick in the pants and needs delivering.

It’s, what, November 10th? I’m already way far behind. Wow, 1,600 words per day accumulates at an appalling rate. But I’ve got almost 10K, and I’m motoring along, so it’s all good.

At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m not reeling with the failure of it all.

Oh well, eyes on the prize, Bowden.

At least I like what I’m writing. My main character is inspired by…

Yeeeaaah. Who doesn’t love Run Lola Run?

Anyhow, at this rate, my nano stats say I will finish my 50K words sometime in late December, at which point I’ll probably not yet be finished the draft.

But hey – winning isn’t everything. Getting to write THE END, after you’ve written something that’s speaking to you on all kinds of levels, is.


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