Perfection and the first draft

As some of you may know, I work (days) in the marketing world. (Nights are reserved for my WIP.) I have always struggled to understand why some companies would rather say nothing at all than something less than perfect/the most up to date/most complete. Waiting until the planets align like that means your story gets told on a timescale that is painfully slow. So painful, in fact, that it might be deadly.

I’ve always encouraged the companies or clients I’ve worked with to get out there and say something. Products are sold and companies built on a regular drip of storytelling. Layer upon layer that builds momentum in the market.

Writing a first draft is so similar! It’s about setting perfection aside and building momentum – getting the words on paper. Don’t underestimate the work you’re doing with a first draft – sure, it isn’t perfect – but it is the heavy lifting of storytelling.


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