I’m cheating on my WIP


So here I am, almost done an outline for a perfectly good dystopian YA that I’m feeling really quite good about, and what happens? An entirely new YA paranormal jumps me – out of nowhere – and before I know it I’m playing around in a completely new plot.

I personally think the worldbuilding of the dystopian has set my eye a-wandering. I love the stuff I see in my mind’s eye, but I’m flat-out afeard I caint pull it off. I’m pitching it around as MAD MAX meets THE SHIPPING NEWS. Scary awesome – right? Hahahaha wheeeew. Anyhow, it’ll come, I know. Particularly if @kapybara has her way – being all motivational the way she is.

And my paranormal paramour? It’s tantalizing me with promises of coming together lickety-split, and hey – a confidence-builder is always a good thing.

I think I’ll just start – and see which one comes out.


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