Poll-o-rama: Soundtracks

I thought it was time for another poll! When I write, sometimes I need silence and sometimes I need music. But I’m never organized enough to build a soundtrack that matches up with my WIP, mood-wise. What works best for you?


One thought on “Poll-o-rama: Soundtracks

  1. For me, it absolutely has to be music that suits the characters and the story. IFG, for example, had a lot of songs by The Smiths and Psychedelic Furs. It’s been harder for the new dystopian/post-apocalyptic because it’s not a contemporary story. It’s this rough and dirty future where everything is bleak and decaying. The playlist ended up being primarily Evanescence (I know, I know, bad lyrics but moody), A Perfect Circle, and Ashley MacIsaac.

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