Such a tease #2

For my second teaser, I chose the start of a picture book manuscript I’ve got. It’s called JEREMY MOVES ON, and PS: Jeremy is a spider. I was inspired to write it one foggy October morning when I walked out into my yard and saw dozens of webs (that’s what happens around here in the fall) bejewelled with droplets from the fog. It’s supposed to be a Goldilocks and the 3 Bears meets Flip this House kind of thing. Be gentle!

All his life, Jeremy lived in the same house, with the same view of the same garden. His mother and father built it when he was a baby, and they were always working on repairs and building projects. As he grew, Jeremy never seemed to find the time to help his parents work on the house.

“Why won’t you help us?” his mother would ask.

“Oh, I am not a handy spider,” Jeremy would say.

“All spiders are handy,” his mother would answer.

“Not me,” Jeremy would say. “Not me.”

Now Jeremy was all grown up, and it was time he had a house of his own. So he put his wallet in his pocket and promised his mother he would always come for Sunday dinner.

Since he wasn’t a handy spider, Jeremy decided he couldn’t build himself a home. Instead he set out looking for one he could move right into.

“It needs to be just the right size and it should be in just the right place,” he said. “But most of all, it shouldn’t need fixing, because I am not a handy spider.”

Jeremy liked the first house he saw, but he wanted to be able to have his friends over, and it was just too small for parties.


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