Apocalyptica for t(w)eens: Book report 3

LIFE AS WE KNEW IT, by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Main character: Miranda, 16

Nature of the apocalypse: a giant asteroid his the moon, driving it closer to the earth.

Effect: insanely high tides, flooding, crazy storms, earthquakes, volcanoes causing climate-changing dust in the atmosphere.

Other nasty stuff: food and fuel supply chains break down, broadcasting cuts out, crops fail.

Storyline: Miranda gradually letting go of her normal life, and learning how to help her family survive the first year.

Light at the end of the tunnel: (spoiler alert) Miranda eventually leaves the house, ready to die of starvation in order to give her family a chance at survival. She discovers city hall has reopened, and they’re giving out bags of food. The worst is over.

Favourite part: After the first crazy storm, Mom arrives and pulls the kids out of school. She takes them to the grocery store, where they conduct the greatest binge shopping trip ever. That one act saves their lives.

Overall rating: Cool concept, mostly rational falling apart of society (with a few exceptions), good characterization. B+

Effect on me: I’m saving up for a wood stove.


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