Apocalyptica for t(w)eens: Book report 2

EXODUS, by Julie Bertagna

Main character: Mara, 15

Nature of the apocalypse: global warming, melting of the Greenland ice shelf.

Effect: massive storms, sea levels rise substantially – much of the world seems to be flooded. Mara and her family live on an island that is sinking below the ocean.

Other nasty stuff: unbeknownst to the islanders, the best and the brightest in the world have moved into giant city pods constructed on huge pillars rising out of the ocean.  Refugee camps of survivors in boats have collected around the bases, and life is terrible there.

Storyline: Mara escapes from her island, and they go to the city nearest to them. She is able to escape from the refugee camp and get into the netherworld inside the walls at the base of the pillar. She lives for a while with the people there, “tree-nesters”, until she is able to find her way up into the city. It is her plan to steal one of the city’s supply ships and rescue the islanders who remain in the refugee camp – and head for Greenland. She thinks Greenland, once the ice melted, would bob up like a cork and become a mountainous patch of high ground.

Light at the end of the tunnel: Mara eventually gets to the city, where she meets and falls in love with the grandson of the founder – whom she has met before while surfing the remnants of the Internet. Together they arrange for her successful escape.

Favourite part: I think it was the beginning part, when the island is getting more and more flooded, and they come to the realization that they must leave. The description of what they’ve had to do to survive the changes to the weather is heartbreaking.

Overall rating: You know what? It dragged quite a bit. I felt the main character lingered too long in many places, when her family and friends were in mortal danger. I thought the description of the city was interesting, but it was almost like 3 separate stories – island, tree-nesters, city. There are two other books in this series. B-

Effect on me: I’m buying a wind-up radio and a couple of wind-up flashlights.


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