Apocalyptica for t(w)eens: Book report 1

THE CARBON DIARIES: 2015, by Saci Lloyd

Main character: Laura Brown, high school aged teenager

Nature of the apocalypse: global warming is resulting in super nasty storms and major storm surges. People are dying.

Effect: England volunteers to to test a carbon-credit rationing system, forcing its populace to live within their means, carbon-footprint wise. The rest of the world watches.

Other nasty stuff: Life breaks down slowly, as does Laura’s parents’ marriage. A carbon-credit black market starts  up.

Storyline: Laura gradually letting go of her normal life, and learning how to help her family survive the first year.

Light at the end of the tunnel: There is a massive storm and London is flooded. The same happens in the US. It proves to the rest of the world that they are doing the right thing, and they’ve all got to begin rationing. Londoners feel that their sacrifices have not been in vain. People begin to embrace the new order of things. Communities begin to work together on gardens, and life becomes simpler. Laura finds ways to continue being a normal teen – playing in her band, falling in love, etc.

Favourite part: The crazy flood at the end, where Laura and her new love save the old man down the street from drowning.

Overall rating: I really liked it. Society fell apart in an orderly way, family life was pretty authentic and interesting, and the contrast between England and the rest of the world was great. A

Effect on me: I’m hoarding canned goods.


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