Such a tease #1

So this is my first teaser ever. I’ve chosen a passage from a middle-grade short story I wrote last year. It’s about a girl making the sometimes excruciating transition into womanhood – in fits and starts. Be gentle!

Today I sat with my classmates on the pool deck, most of us curled up like possums, trying to keep warm. Our gym teacher leisurely conducted individual stroke evaluations while we waited.

I looked at the girl next to me, and saw – with no small amount of shock – that her shins were smooth and hairless. Grown-up looking. I looked down at my own legs and a chill of mortification rushed through me as I beheld the dusting of wispy dark hairs.

Oh God. I was supposed to be shaving my legs by now.

Filled with self-loathing, I was suddenly disgusted by my childish appearance. I was thirteen after all – I had been wearing a bra since last year. I was already a B-cup! Why hadn’t I thought about shaving my legs?

Clearly I had dropped the ball.

The whistle blew then, announcing the start of free-swim time. I was happy to slip into the water, hiding my horrible hairy legs beneath the surface.


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