A lot to look forward to

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the web 2.0 agents out there.

Seriously, this solitary writing thing can be just that – a lonely, by-yourself kind of thing. Or it can be a community. These days you can find an agent online and you can listen to their tweets, add comments/questions to their blogs, and enter their contests.

I have to say I love the latter category: the deadline gives me something to work towards, to pay attention to. The reveal gives me something to anticipate, to look forward to. And bottom line, each contest gives us all new and different ways to interact with, and get to know agents.

I can only hope contests are an efficient way to cut through the slush and find stellar new clients, because I’m sure they are ton of work.

So – thanks all. Especially for the 29th, and for the 31st. You know who you are.


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