Constructing a pitch: RESOURCES

I’m working on my SEEDKEEPER’S SECRET pitch for the Pitch Slam at Caren Johnson Literary Agency – which will be held on January 28/29. (They’ve added additional details here.) Since I’ve never done one of these before, I’m obsessively looking for as much detail as I can find on the process of constructing a great pitch.

Um, sadly, there isn’t much out there. A lot of it is geared towards pitching script concepts to TV land – which is of course fun and fascinating, but beyond a few parallels, I found these resources were more focused on presentation than they were about pitch construction.

Nevertheless, here’s what I found:

Elana’s great post about pitches.

Awesome, awesome article: Pitching your novel: For query letters, for editorial meetings, by Douglas Clegg. Lots of good advice and some excellent examples of three-sentence pitches at the end.

This post from the Mandajuice blog is a cute story about an initial pitch rejection and the possibilities once you’ve got a pitch that works.

This Writers Store post, The Eight Steps to a Powerful Pitch, by Michael Hauge, is about in-person pitching, but a good chunk of it will still apply to the Pitch Slam.

This post, How to Pitch Your Book at a Writing Conference, by Cynthia P. Gallagher is also about in-person pitches, but Point 2 is a nice summary about the important stuff to include – it even demonstrates pitches for “The Green Mile” and for “Roots”.

Anyhow, these were helpful to me, and I hope they are to you.


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