My first MS – THE SEEDKEEPER’S SECRET – was urban fantasy. Grounded in the real world. It had some elements of weirdness in it, sure, but I didn’t need to invent a world.

This time I do. I need to imagine Earth as a whole different place. I need to take the town I live in and make it strange. I need to lash it with storms, drown it in a rising ocean, and burn it with soaring temperatures. I need to take its people and cripple them with broken supply chains, meager crops, virulent plagues, and hopelessness.

Sounds like awesome fun, doesn’t it?

I am definitely looking forward to it…to making the town and its strangeness really become a character in the story. It needs to have decayed in a rational, natural fashion – and its people must have adapted and modified their survival methods in fascinating, heartbreaking ways. It’s a whole layer of research and imaginings that wasn’t present in my last book.

It’s a good thing that I like inventing things, I guess!

If any of you out there have tips and tricks for this sort of process, other than taking copious brainstorming notes – which I’m already down with – I’d love to hear them.

Happy Saturday!


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