How sexy is too sexy

Let’s have “the talk”.

As you may know, I’ve got a new WIP – and it’s in the very very early stages. So I’m planning.

It wants to be YA. It wants to have a love interest develop. I’m going to have that love interest develop according to the plot and character requirements…but…I’m also keenly aware that the amount of descriptive heavy petting has a direct impact on the marketability of the book.

Here’s what I’ve found on the subject:

The writer’s perspective:

A terrific post on ~ Cory Doctorow: Teen Sex

The parent’s perspective:

R.J. Anderson’s blog entry discussing several parent comments on: Sex, Violence and the Challenging of YA Books — Is There A Double Standard?

The bookseller’s perspective:

Check out the comments associated with this Author’s Now! blog posting: Connect with Sarah Ockler: Sex in YA – Rating the Writing

The reader’s perspective:

Well, I was one. Didn’t we all have a copy of some novel or another, with the spine cracked so it would fall open at the racy pages?

There is certainly a lot of discussion. A lot of points of view.

Thankfully, my WIP is not about sex. It’s about vulnerability. I think that will give my characters a certain…self-control. I’m hopeful it will result in tension. And tension can take you a loooooooong way.



One thought on “How sexy is too sexy

  1. With YA I think you can go a long way with thoughts and suggestions of feeling. I’ve had beta comments about how sexy a few of my scenes are and they’re really just kissing.

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