100 Declarative Sentences

Gotta give credit where credit is due: this idea came from Mary Kole over at the KidLit blog. I’m gonna do it for my new protag. Here goes:

7:00 pm GETTING STARTED: I’m psyched about this, but I’m not under any illusions that it will be easy.

1. He’s cynical

8:30 pm UPDATE: I’m 50 sentences in. The first 50 were pretty easy. But 50 more are frightening.

50. He gets old people to tell him stories about the days before the flood

9:15 pm UPDATE: I’m 75 sentences in.  It’s still going well. I hear the last 20 are super hard though. I’m struggling to keep them from being too plot related, however. Must.focus.on.backstory. What makes him the guy he is today?

72. Storms frighten him.

9:45 pm UPDATE: I’m done! It wasn’t that bad at all! I just might do more.

100. He’s really anal about staying healthy.

Here’s my favourite of the lot:

68: Summertime depresses him.

Now I have to go back through them and add “because…”, which will beef it all up!


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