INSPIRATION: volume 1, number 1

Today my office partner (yes, we practically share a desk – like detectives, but not so glam) gave me a terrific idea for a new blog feature. I’m going to call it INSPIR… well, you’ve probably already read the headline.

Let’s face it: writing requires inspiration. The things that inspire me feed my sense of wonder, boost my creativity, and well – help me keep the faith. So my new blog feature is going to be a photographic representation of all the stuff that inspires me – big, small, or otherwise.

Maybe you’ll find we’re inspired by the same stuff, and maybe you won’t – but I hope you’ll take a pause when something inspires you, and savour it for the fuel it is.

So, without further ado – here’s today’s inspiration:

@kapybara, my hometown Twitter pal, reminds me to get out there.


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