Holiday reading

In my quest for a new story idea, I find myself mulling over two little nuggets in particular. In very general terms, they are:

  • A middle grade space adventure
  • A near future global warming dystopian YA

Because it’s almost Christmas, I figure a literary survey would be a great way to spend my time off.  So I thought I’d do a little crowdsourcing.

If you can think of a book you’ve enjoyed that hits on either of these two topics, I’d love it if you would leave a comment with the title and author.

Thanks in advance!


6 thoughts on “Holiday reading

    • Hi Anabel! Thanks a lot for this! I stumbled on a blog mention of Julie Bertagna the other day and she looks totally on point for the global warming story. I will look up Philip Reeve right away. Happy holidays to you!

    • Me too!!!! I’m nervous about trying a YA…my last MS was a MG. Adding in the love interest is a whole new layer of complexity!

  1. Check out the science fiction for kids by Canadian author Monica Hughes. Her novel “The Crystal Drop” is set in a distopian near-future effected by drought and ozone depletion. The other novels are also worth looking at.

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