Synopsis, schynopsis

Okay that title is sarcastic. I now officially know what everyone is complaining about.

I feel like I have a good handle on my manuscript – and moreover, I think I have a good handle on the building blocks of the story. But wow – distilling it down to two pages is a lot harder than getting it down to three paragraphs for the purposes of a query.

Allow me to say wow again.

Although I haven’t actually had to submit a synopsis with a query yet, I anticipate having to do it, so I will soldier on. Making the complicated simple (and sale-able) is what I do for a living. I can do this.

Here are some resources I’m drawing upon:

How to Write a Synopsis by Marg Gilks

Synopsis Writing in 9 Easy Steps by the lovely Helene Boudreau

And I was super-pleased to stumble upon these synopsis samples by Charlotte Dillon – which are also a complete romp of a read  (and I do mean romp in the way you think I mean it). They were a big help.

I’d love to know where you look for synopsis help!

UPDATE: @kapybara suggested Janice Hardy, author of the terrific THE SHIFTER as a resource. Click here for her totally helpful blog entry on synopsis writing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Query Tracker sent me an e-mail just now that includes deets about a YA contest requiring a synopsis as part of the entry. They kindly included the following reference links for those needing help with synopsis writing:

Quantum of Synopses: Novel Synopsis Basics.

In Short: Writing a Novel Synopsis That Rocks


4 thoughts on “Synopsis, schynopsis

  1. Thanks so much for these links! They are fantastic. Hope you don’t mind, I’ve put them on my blog too (and given you the credit for collecting them of course) mainly so I’ll have them next time I need to write a synopsis. 🙂

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