:-) demystified

In case you’re wondering about my cryptic post of a couple of days ago, I’ve posted a query letter under the happy-face tab above. I’m going to submit it to Mary Kole’s query contest on her blog, http://www.kidlit.com. If you visited over the past few days and took a look, I would certainly love your feedback!

I confess I’m a bit skittish about posting these things on the wide open Internet, and so I didn’t publicize the post – only asking two lovely ladies (@HeleneBoudreau and @kapybara) to review it. When I popped in to review their feedback today, I was super-surprised to see a bunch more visitors to the page. I can only guess that these visits must have come from subscribers alerted to a content update – and I’m just so thrilled about that! Subscribers…actual subscribers!

Anyhow, if you’d like to weigh in on the query, please do. I would love to know your thoughts. Please tell me a little about yourself when you do.

Just so you know, I’m going to leave the query open to all until Friday, and then I’m going to take it down and make my edits.

Thanks in advance!


2 thoughts on “:-) demystified

  1. lol some of the hits may have been me checking back while at work so see you’ve checked the comments.

    I understand about the being skittish. It was very hard for me to put my query up on AW.

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