Contest submissions

It seems like it’s contest time of year.

From Nathan Bransford’s First Paragraph Challenge (you go, Josin L. McQuein, I hope you win!) to the Writers’ Digest Short Story Contest (Deadline December 1, 2009) and the CBC Literary Awards (Deadline November 1st, 2009), competition is in the air.

I’m writing today to plug a couple of contests that are geographically near and dear to me. First, there’s the Writers Federation of New Brunswick’s Literary Competition (Deadline November 30th, 2009), and then there’s my absolute favourite: the annual writing contest of the Nova Scotia Writer’s Federation (Deadline December 4, 2009). I like the NS competition for two reasons: First, it’s small enough that a prospective agent/publisher won’t feel that too many eyes have had a peek at your manuscript – even if you win. Second, you get feedback on your manuscript from three judges – sure it takes 8 months (so very very long), but it’s almost free ($25 entry fee).

And there’s also the Kidlit Contest being run by Mary Kole of Andrea Brown – it’s a query contest and the prize is a 30 page MS critique!

So here I am getting stuff all polished up for submission. I’d love to hear about your favourite contests!


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