Banned books week

I’ve noticed a lot of chatter on the subject of banned books this week – it being, um, Banned Books Week – and I have to say, I’m stunned that this still happens. I figured it went out with witch burning.

And in my general poking around on the subject I stumbled upon something that shocked me to my core: the Map of Book Censorship. LOOK at how many incidents there are in the US alone!

Okay, notwithstanding the idea that removing these books from our children’s schools and libraries is just avoiding parenting – coaching them on age-appropriate choices, talking to them about complicated issues, and helping them understand your point of view while letting them form their own – it is the tip of a very scary iceberg. If artists aren’t allowed to express themselves – particularly opinions that go against the prevailing “wisdom” of the day, how will we keep the majority in check?

It’s about having the freedom to give the pendulum of public opinion a nudge.

Note to self: stay vigilant.


2 thoughts on “Banned books week

  1. I’m sure it happens her but I think it’s much more prevalent in the US. Of course, wanting a US agent and a US publisher means it’s even more front and center in my mind. We actually did a small series of posts about Banned Books Week over at the collaborative YA writer’s blog I’ve joined because so many of the titles challenged are MG and YA.

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