Agent nationality

So I was looking at my “fun with hashtags” poll of Canadian kidlit writers on Twitter, and my very small sample size of respondents has revealed something potentially interesting. Fully two times as many writers are represented by US agents than Canadian ones.

Let me state again, this is an extremely small sample – but I’m posting about this because it speaks to something I’ve wondered about for a while.

Is it actually easier for Canadian writers to get representation in the US than it is in Canada? If so, why would that be?

I am reminded of the time I took a magazine writing course at Ryerson in Toronto – the professor told the whole class not to bother with trying to make a living writing for Canadian publications…his reasoning? There were a lot of Canadian writers, and very few national publications. He pointed us southwards.

Have any of you noticed this?  Has it impacted your approach to querying? I’d love to know your thoughts.


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