Lightbulb moment

@BostonBookGirl said the following on Twitter today: bostonbookgirl Just something to keep in mind: we use google alerts for the agency, so when you blog about your rejection letter we see it. #pubtip

OMG. This is me turning that around and setting up Google Alerts for my top ten target agencies/agents. (aaah, alliteration.)

I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. If you’ve never heard of them before, Google Alerts is/are a terrific way to get current information on a certain topic. If someone publishes something you’re interested in, you don’t have to go looking for it – Google Alerts will send you a link. Doing my due diligence vis a vis selecting agents to query suddenly got easier.

If you want to set up some alerts for yourself, simply:

1) go to

2) enter a search term in the field provided, i.e. Andrea Brown Literary Agency

3) leave the TYPE field set to COMPREHENSIVE – that way you get all types of material

4) select the speed at which you’d like to be notified. (I chose daily)

5) enter the e-mail address you’d like to use to be notified

And sit back and let it happen. Seriously – this means more time for actual writing. And that’s good.


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