It’s September, time to get m’self organized.

During the day, at work, I write. I am, after all, a copywriter for an ad agency.

When I joined the firm, I was an account manager, and responsible for writing PR and Marketing plans for a bunch of clients. I still do it from time to time when the other account folks are jammed up.

Anyhow, I’m beginning to think I should do one of these plans for myself. I feel like I’m doing some things right on the road to publication, and some things not at all. Plus it’s September, and it’s probably time to plot a proper path (pun intended)(sometimes I can’t help myself). Basically, I want to be sure I give my WIP the best possible chance for success.

At first blush I think my plan will consist of an evaluation/quantification/scheduling of:

what to attend, what my goals are in attending, what’s the return on investment

Online presence:
scheduled blog updates, domain name procurement

Short story submissions:
identify target publications

identification, deadlines

Query plan:
letter drafts/evaluation, create segmented agent list, establish submission management tool (Excel)

MS edit rounds:
schedule, finalize critique group

finalize synopsis, research approaches

SCBWI member materials, evaluate CANSCAIP, agent/writer blogs

If I’m missing anything, suggestions are more than welcome!! Perhaps I’ll post the finished product. Stay tuned!


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