Query Shark, anyone?

I’ve been busy at work these days, and I haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to draft four. Because I have had five or ten minutes here and there, I’ve instead focused on revising my synopsis.

And now, eight (count them, eight) drafts in, I’m pretty happy with it. I’m ready to start building a query letter.

Once that’s done, I’m considering submitting to Query Shark as a dry run, prior to beginning the actual query process.

However, I’m terrified of making my work public, for fear of – gasp – theft. I’m sure this is a common fear. I’ve participated in #writechat discussions about it. Plus it strikes me as a rational response to putting months worth of blood sweat and/or tears out there in random cyberspace.

Anyone else feel this way?

Anyone else take the Query Shark plunge?


3 thoughts on “Query Shark, anyone?

  1. Yes Katie I have taken the Query Shark plunge. Right now I am still waiting to hear back. I have revised my query letter 4 times. In the month of August I mailed at least 50 letters to agents, to date I have received 7 form rejections. They tell me it’s par for the course and considering I am a first time writer I hear it’s a long shot. I’m sure your work is very good keep your head up and just keep revising your letter until you feel comfortable. Good Luck!

    Mike Odden

    • Thank you Mike! How is it going with your submissions? Did you get picked up by Query Shark? That would be a terrific learning experience.

  2. I posted my query on the Absolute Write query letter board (fondly called Query Letter Hell by those who have felt its sting). Though I didn’t come up with a query that was unanimously hailed, I was fairly happy with the result (and I received a request for a full this morning).

    I did worry somewhat about posting it but, realistically, someone would have to take the idea, write and edit a full manuscript, and shop it around. Also, the details in a query are fairly bare boned given the length.

    I would, however, be more more hesitant to post my synopsis online. I was much more comfortable swapping synopsis with a writer who was working on her own rather than posting on a public forum.

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