Environmental fiction for kids

At the risk of splitting genre-specific hairs, my WIP could be called “environmental urban fantasy”. Without going into a lot of detail, it explores the link between the environment and the economy (in an exciting way – I promise!)

I’m psyched about that. I think it’s timely, and it’s stuff middle-grade kids should not only be aware of, but be asking questions about. Kids need to know their disposable income (now and in the future) has a huge impact – and that choice is power.

I’m doing a bit of research into other environmental titles for this age group, and it seems most focus on endangered species, deforestation, etc. I’m hopeful my story represents a new take on the subject.

Nevertheless, I’d love to hear your suggestions for great MG environmental fiction!


12 thoughts on “Environmental fiction for kids

  1. I’ve been keeping an eye open for environmentally themed kids’ novels for some time. A few are mentioned in this list at Chapters/indigo (includes novels for adults too):

    Carl Hiaasen’s three novels for kids, “Flush,” “Hoot,” and “Scat,” are all entertaining environmental reads. Jean Craighead George has also written many novels with environment-related themes. Many novels by Canadian author Monica Hughes also have environmental themes (including her science fiction novels). I have a collection of YA short stories called “Weeds and other stories,” which features stories about urban teens whose lives are influenced by nature and wildlife in the city (I was trying to get across the idea that “the environment” is not something separate from people’s daily lives –even in the city).

    I look forward to hearing more about your novel.


    • Hi Jacquie! Thanks for your comment. I have definitely seen Hiaasen’s novels before – next time I will pick one up for sure. Plus, Canadian science fiction with an environmental theme sounds right up my alley. Terrific recommendations, and congrats on your collection!

  2. Katie!!
    How are you?? Great work!1
    Wondering if I can ask you a tiny favour?? I need someone from New Brunswick to tell me about what makes the community they live in great…? Would you have a minute?
    If you do – send me your phone number…
    thanks…congrats on the book in progress!

  3. You might want to check out the novel “Out of the Fog” by Donna Moore. It’s a kid-friendly book and in the story the primary character learns about environmental issues and his own personal responsibility to stand up for green issues. Copies can be obtained from http://www.donnamoorebooks.com/ as the author is self-published. Not sure if you can get from Amazon etc.

  4. I’m passionate about teaching kids to become wise stewards of nature. I do hope we will see more environmentally themed kids’ novels that are entertaining and informative. My novel for young readers, The Adventures of The Sizzling Six: The Lone Tree, is the first in a series about nature conservation. It is now available on Amazon. It shows what six determined teenagers can do to make a difference.

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    • Hi Claire – Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, it has been a long time. I am editing as much as I can while juggling a busy consulting practice. It’s a tough balance! But I’m really pleased to report that the editing process is going extremely well. It is a pleasure to dive back into the manuscript and apply everything I’ve learned over the past year or so!

    • Hi Claire! Sorry for the long delay in replying to your comment! I am going to check out your list right now. I think there’s a really strong interest out there in environmental fiction!

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