#cdnkidlit: fun with hashtags

It was so much fun seeing the Canadian kidlit follow friday message make the rounds in the twitterverse, I thought a hashtag might be in order – something that would allow everyone to have access to this catalogue of Canadian kidlit writers. And so 12 hours and 21 tweets later, #cdnkidlit is aliiiiiiive. 

All right Canada – let’s take a page from Nathan Bransford’s book! Let’s learn about you:





Thanks for playing!


9 thoughts on “#cdnkidlit: fun with hashtags

  1. Great idea! For the most part, I’m part of the majority. 46-year-old broad from Ontario who writes & illustrates picture books, 3 trade picture books under my belt (2 illustrated, 1 written & illustrated), unagented to date. And I thought I was so unique! 😉

    • Thanks for voting! It’s great to learn more about what Canadian writers are up to. I’m loving the middle grade genre – have you written in it before?

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