Canadian #kidlit

I haven’t yet professed my undying love for Twitter on this blog. That is an omission I’m about to fix.

I<3 Twitter.

There. *sigh*

Here’s just one example why I feel this way: today I #followfriday-ed for the very first time. I decided to focus on the small collection of Canadian kidlit writers I’ve stumbled upon in my eight months in the Twitterverse – allow me to copy the tweet here:

#ff Canadian #kidlit tweeps @inkyelbows @heleneboudreau @courtney_s @write_HB @adriennekress You go, girls!

I was so pleased to see it picked up almost immediately – and passed lovingly around to other Canadian kidlit writers, who added their own recos:

@pjbracegirdle @troywilson from @JustOneMoreBook

@OurBigEarth @stormsy @eorchard @claudiaosmond @deborahkerbel @katrinaarcher @kcdyer from @heleneboudreau

or retweeted it to their followers: @lellingw @ourbigearth @claudiaosmond.

Twitter lets me see random acts of kindness everyday. 

Thanks, guys.


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