Comparables…use ’em or lose ’em?

I watched a great movie a few weeks back, and I immediately knew it would be one of my comparables when it comes time to query my WIP.

I’ve been struggling with the second comparable, to complete my “x meets y” sentence.

Allow me to digress. I’m searching for a couple of reference stories I can use to give people an idea about my plot and my prospective audience, i.e.: “my manuscript is like HARRY POTTER meets THE LIGHTNING THIEF” (bwah ha ha ha!) 

While I was away at the cottage I finished the latest middle grade novel in my long reading list. I put it on the shelf, swapping it for what would become comparable #2. It’s so perfect it’s painful.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.

Sigh. I’m full of warm fuzzies.

But do I even need to include comparables in my query letter? I’ve read some agent blogs that suggest using them – as long as they’re not too self-serving, like my example above. I’ve also read some successful query letters that use an alternate approach: “the pacing of x, the plot twist of y, and the plucky best friend from z”.   

What are your thoughts?


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