Boy stories vs. girl stories

Before I started writing THE SEEDKEEPER, I thought long and hard about whether I’d make my protagonist a boy or a girl. I’m torn, you see. I want there to be exciting stories about girls – so girls can see themselves being adventurous, brave problem-solvers. I also want there to be exciting stories about boys – because I want my own two boys to have great stuff to read that will inspire them to keep reading.

A long time ago, however, I came to a sad realization: girls will consume content about boys, but boys will be reluctant to consume content about girls. I hate this, but I believe it to be true – and will struggle against it in my own home as much as I can.

For the purposes of my WIP, however, I went with a male protagonist. I did this in the hopes I would sell more books…if  I’m lucky enough to get it published. I gave him an awesome, brave, resourceful and ethical female sidekick, though…so I can sleep at night.

I read a great blog about this today, posted by Janni Lee Simner, author of BONES OF FAERIE. I’ve also recently read some blogs commenting on the gender of the author – i.e. I’ve heard that J.K. Rowling was encouraged to use her initials instead of her first name, for fear that people wouldn’t want to buy a “boy” book written by a girl. 


Critique Group #1 update: early returns are looking good. I received a high-five on the first five chapters from Lovely Critiquer A (thanks Julia!)


One thought on “Boy stories vs. girl stories

  1. Katie, I like the comprimise… boy hero with strong girl side-kick. I’ve often admired male authors who capture a female protagonist with elegance, strength and honesty. Steve Martin did a great job in “Shop Girl”. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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