Critique purgatory

Well, I’ve done it.

I’ve churned through three drafts of THE SEEDKEEPER, and now I’ve sent it off to my first critique group. I have to confess I’m terrified about it. Literally nobody has read it until now. 

With this first round, I’ve included an up-front statement in the manuscript that makes a couple of “while reading” requests of readers: 1) that they underline any passage that doesn’t read well, trips them up, confuses them and 2) that they circle any word or concept they think a young person would have difficulty understanding. At the end of the manuscript, I’ve included a series of about 25 questions for them to answer.

I’m not sure how others approach the critique process, but I’m hoping to do several rounds of it. This first round is designed to determine whether or not I view my work through rose coloured glasses. If all goes well, I’ll do another round of edits or two – and then send out to my next round of critiquers….kids. I’m also considering submitting the manuscript for consideration to be part of the Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop. We’ll see…I might not be able to hold off on submitting that long – curiosity may get the better of me.

While I try not to make eye contact with those who currently have the manuscript, I’ve been working on my synopsis…more on that next time!


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