How agent blogs give me hope

I was just reading Janet Reid’s terrific blog. This morning she posted the results of a query tally. I was surprised how many customized rejections she sent, and pleased to see how many fulls she was able to request. She itemized the queries that were successful – eventually saying this:

one is so beautiful and so elegant that I’m almost afraid to read it because if it splats on page 50 it’s going to break my heart.

And I realized that I’ve read statements like that before, on a variety of agent blogs, websites, and twitter feeds.

I’ve always responded with an “oh, I wish I could be that writer” feeling, or a “gee, it’s possible – it’s really possible” excitement. But today Janet’s words showed me how emotionally invested she was. She’d gotten her hopes up about that manuscript…just like we do, when we’re writing, and when we’re submitting.

Suddenly there we were, on the same team.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t for a second feel that agents are out to get us. I just think they have a very hard job.  After all, the reality is that most of those hopes – hers, ours – are destined to be dashed.

OK, I’m depressing myself now. 

Back to hope! 

Thanks Janet!!


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