Small “voice” crisis – part two

I’m feeling a bit better today. 

Thanks to a great article on, I was reminded of the “upper middle grade” category, for 10-14 year olds. Here’s another nice article from that mentions it as well.

Yeah, I’m in a fragile state. 

But nevertheless, it raises two important questions:

1) how the heck do you know if you’re writing a MG ms or a YA ms? I know, there’s no swearing, there’s no sex, and there are no dark themes – and that helps. So does the word count. But frankly, I won’t be sure until an agent or editor tells me so. In the meantime I’m worried about looking clueless about my own WIP. *sigh*

2) how do writers keep the faith all the way through? Here I’ve invested a huge amount of time into writing this story and the slightest thing (curse you, Misters Flesch and/or Kincaid) throws me into a ditch.

Oh well, I will soldier on. I think it’s just pre-critique group nerves, anyhow.

Back to the third draft tonight!


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