The second draft: edit or rewrite?

The second draft process for THE SEEDKEEPER was pretty cool.  

I ran through the manuscript in a week – trying to book big chunks of time for editing, rather than doing it for an hour here and there. Usually I was able to get 8 hours straight. (Vacation days). This way I could run through a whole whack of pages each time I sat down to work on it. One day I managed 70 pages or so at once. That approach really helped me manage continuity issues, because I could keep the whole story in my head at once.

I ended up adding about 4,000 words when all was said and done, but I think I added a lot of texture to the characters – a lot more reasons why readers will identify with them and care about them.

I discovered:

– the part I found the hardest to write in the first draft was just fine after all *phew*

– chapter five needed a total rework and point of view change

– character charts/collages come in very handy – I learned a whole lot about my peeps and was able to work much of it into the second draft

– reading the manuscript out loud is a great way to find and fix awkward turns of phrase

– Word’s “find” function is a great way to jump around in the document, repairing continuity issues – particularly those that use specific phrases/terms


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