I’ve got 44,000 words – what now?

Hey there! 

So I’ve completed the first draft of a middle grade urban fantasy novel – I’m calling it THE SEEDKEEPER. It was a big day (about six weeks ago now) and it was a real accomplishment for me.

You see, I’m a praise junkie. I used to approach writing by doing a little bit and then showing it around. People – kind people – would say: “hey, that’s great”. And I’d go away all satisfied and not put pen to paper again for weeks.

Novels don’t get written that way – egos get stroked that way.

So I got tough with myself. I wrote the whole darn thing without letting a single soul read a single word. And it worked! I churned through the first draft in approximately four months of late nights. (Yeah, I also work for a living).

I figured I’d celebrate by launching a blog. 

Because good gravy, what’s next?

Well, I intend to figure that out. And write about it. Here.

Welcome to the ride.


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